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We are one of Africa’s fastest growing online portal, reaching to almost a larger percent of internet users in Nigeria.  
Wide Range Of Contents
99% of our advertising converts because we have a wide range of topics being covered by our website and our partner advertising is doing great raising assurance level that your adverts will surely reach the right audience.
We try as much as possible to provide up-to date and valued analytics to advertisers to settle all doubts and further assure them of the best conversions in the market.  
  • Banner Ads

We accept all ranges of banners including the ones that will suit your kind of ads:

720×90 (Leaderboard),
300×600 (Wide Skyscrapper),
300×250 (Medium Rectangle),
320×100  (Large Mobile Ads Banner),]1280 x 1024 (Site Background Takeover),
Responsive Widgets, Custom sizes are also welcomed.

  • Others
Text Ads: Below Posts based on categories for the mobile platform of our website.
Video Ads: Popup Widgets for videos or auto-play youtube video codes for both mobile and desktop.
Sponsored Posts:  Product sales, brand awareness, publications etc.
Social Media Blast: Raise awareness for your articles, photos or shout outs through out our social media platforms.


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