Wole Soyinka talks about battle with prostate cancer


Wole Soyinka talks about battle with prostate cancer

Wole Soyinka a nobel laureate and renowned dramatist has shown that in 2014 he was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.

Speaking to BBC, Soyinka revealed that he used an advanced technology, ‘proton therapy’ to treat it.

According to the 85-year-old, the treatment was an ‘easy ride although uncomfortable.

Wole Soyinka talks about battle with prostate cancer

Wole Soyinka talks about battle with prostate cancer

He said “It hadn’t yet gotten to the stage where it was non-reversible and so (the doctor) gave us a number of guidelines. I say us because he wanted to make sure that my wife made sure that I followed it. He sensed that I wasn’t going to be a very good patient. So he spoke to her most of the time rather than me,” he said.

”There is no disease in the world any human being needs to be ashamed.
I don’t see why people need to go to Canada, Europe to receive treatment which is affordable in this nation, it is a shame.

”The options I compared to other treatment I know about and I have seen in operation. Mine for me was an easy ride, uncomfortable in many ways but it is painless.”

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